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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
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Erlanger Squeeze Play
Wall Street’s most powerful and mega-rich insiders including Peter Lynch of Fidelity Investments, Jeff Vinik, former manager of Fidelity Magellan and more than 100 top fund companies, collectively managing over 1 trillion dollars have been glued to the buy/sell recommendations of one amazing man -- Phil Erlanger. They follow his advice because he has a reputation of being a genius.

Phil Erlanger is a mathematical computer whiz who has developed a scientific method of pinpointing investor sentiment that allows him to tell whether a stock is going to go up or down with an incredible degree of mathematical certainty –- many say it’s almost "supernatural." This is the reason Phil Erlanger has been highly regarded as the top-secret weapon for the biggest insiders on Wall Street.

Financial Picks / SpiderTrade
Extremely profitable trading method that turned $5,000 into $16,000 in less than 3 months. How to avoid the 8 most common mistakes in trading. Discover a well kept secret that no one on Wall Street wants you to know. Learn about exciting method that tracks what the "smart money" professionals are doing.

Samarai Stock Trader
Short-term trading expert Jay DeVincentis has a remarkable system that -- since he started trading -- has produced an astounding 613% return. Over the years, Jay has examined every system for technical analysis that he could find. In the end, the system he developed includes only those techniques that were proven to work. All of the other techniques -- and there were literally hundreds -- were discarded.

In practice, Jay's first analytical step is to determine market sentiment (translation: Are we headed up or down?). To do this, he incorporates the Volatility Index, the put/call ratio, the Tick Index and the Arms Index.

Then he applies another layer of analysis to determine trends for individual investments. At this level he uses techniques such as Japanese candlestick charting, price and volume analysis and advanced Fibonacci Method.

When he's done, the stocks that he's identified are absolutely the strongest candidates for rapid price movement. That's how he's been able to accumulate such powerful annualized returns.

21st Century Options
21st Century Options Hotline is a mercenary service that plays stocks from both the long and short side. It doesn't take any prisoners. 21st Century Options Hotline's sole purpose is to make you rich. 21st Century Options Hotline will generate approximately 40-50 recommendations per year. Each one will be in crystal clear language, and very easy to follow if you choose to use an online broker. As a 21st Century Options Hotline subscriber, you'll also receive frequent updates and analyses that will keep you up to date on your outstanding trades. You'll never be in the dark.

21st Century Alert
This Real-Time Trading Service is an Essential Tool for Active Investors. The power of Intangible Analysis is combined with a proprietary sentiment indicator developed by the legendary Phil Erlanger to create the new 21st Century Alert..Throughout the week, you'll get insightful market commentary, analysis of late-breaking news, professional hedging techniques, timely buy and sell signals, and original recommendations. 21st Century Alert is completely independent and impartial