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Free Trading System of the Week Newsletter
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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #33 - March 3, 2003

Visual Trader - Graphic stock market software gives you an important edge.

Dear Trader and Investor,

With VisualTrader, you will know when the market is turning, which industry groups are leading the stampede, and which charts have the best setups. And, not only will you see the right opportunity, you see it as it is just beginning to form - ahead of the pack.

There are other "map-like" products out there. VisualTrader is different. Where other software shows you net price change, VisualTrader shows you dynamics like volatility breakouts across the entire map. These calculations will show you where the market is going, as opposed to where it has been.

What is this advance notice worth to you? VisualTrader can pay for itself in a single trading day.

I urge you to click here for your free demo CD. You will be able to see exactly how this fantastic tool can change the way you trade forever.

Happy trading,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Trade the market like never before - click to receive a free interactive CD-Rom.

If you are using other software, no problem. Simply add VisualTrader to your desktop. It directly supports the most popular Real Time data feeds, including eSignal, Quote.com, and DTN IQ Feed. And, you can run other software supporting these feeds at the same time as VisualTrader, without having to get a second data account.

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The Power of the Map

The VisualTrader Display was created with one goal in mind - finding opportunities fast. The background display of VisualTrader is the Map, which displays all the stocks in an index, organized by industry group. Cylinders represent stocks, and Plates, which the cylinders rest on, represent the industry groups.

The program comes with maps based on the most popular indexes, including the S&P 500, S&P 100, NASDAQ 100, and the Dow 30. We also include our Nirvana 500 list, which was
carefully crafted to group those stocks which are highly correlated, providing more power to detect group rotations early.

VisualTrader has been designed to show leading information. When you see green cylinders above the Map in VisualTrader, that means those stocks are suddenly moving or breaking out to the upside. Groups of green or red cylinders can be used to detect consensus movement within specific industries, or "group rotation" quickly and easily. In one display, you see hundreds of stocks and their relative movement.

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