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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #56 - January 16, 2004

Dear Trader and Investor,

When you're hot you're hot. And professional Wall Street trader Jim Patterson is red hot -- racking up a total 650% gain during the 3-year bear market, and an amazing 177% in the last 6 months!

Check out some of Jim's recent trades...

34% profit in 2 days with MYL!

26% profit in 15 days with CGO!

22% profit in 7 days with CDO!

17% profit in 5 days with ADTN

Jim Patterson
Note how FAST Jim gets his profits -- typically from 2 days to 3 weeks, with an average trade lasting only 7 days!

Jim's the master at identifying stocks poised to break out, either up or down. And when a stock makes its move, so does Jim, capturing a 10%, 20%, even 30% profit in a matter of days. And now you can, too!

Jim Patterson's trades are yours FREE for 30 days in a remarkable new e-mail service!

I'm Dick Sanders, publisher of Jim Patterson's new e-mail service, Tactical Trading Outlook.

And I'm pleased to tell you that NOW you can make the same trades as one of Wall Street's most successful traders!

I'm not kidding! Jim Patterson's new e-mail service is YOURS FREE for 30 days! You'll actually get Jim's trades. And if you make those trades, you'll get the same BIG PROFITS! In fact, you could easily...

Make $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 in the next month!

What's the catch? There is none. You see, when you've got a record this good, you want to shout it from a mountaintop. But then Jim and I thought, "Why not just let investors try the new service FREE." That way, you can see for yourself the BIG MONEY you can make. And at absolutely no risk!

More good news: If you like the profits you score during your 30-day FREE TRIAL, you can continue receiving Jim's trades for just $29.95 per month. Imagine paying a buck a day for profits like these...

28% profit in 2 days with PBI (short)

24% profit in 3 days with VMSI (long)

22% profit in 7 days with CDO (long)

30% profit in 2 days with AVP (short)

What's Jim's full record with all trades? I'm glad you asked. Since launching his amazing "Breakout Trading System" 4 years ago, Jim logged a 61% win rate and average 56% annualized gain throughout the roller-coaster bear market that left most investors devastated!

Make $1 million in just a few years.

At 56% compounded annually, a $100,000 investment grows to $1 million (or any investment by 10-fold) in just 5 years. That's the kind of BIG RETURN you need to make up for lost time.

And Jim's trades are easy to make, too -- simple buy and sell orders on popular stocks, always with protective stop orders. There's no obligation. So, if you'd like to try Jim's new Tactical Trading Outlook FREE for 30 days, just click the link at the bottom.

Get Jim Patterson's trades FREE for 30 days

Need to know more about Jim's methods? Want to see more examples of the fast profits you can make with his trades? Just read on...

Jim's the master at catching explosive stock moves. His trading strategy is to get in and get out. To take what the market will easily give you. Not to hang around waiting for a reversal that could take your profits back.

Why is that smart?

Look at a weekly chart of the S&P 500 over the past 3 years. Sure, it's a nasty bear market, but the pattern looks like a rollercoaster ride with dozens of upward and downward thrusts. Had you captured those short-term moves you would've made a fortune. And Jim did, racking up 650% total gains for all trades during the 3-year period!

Let me show you how this master trader did it...

You'll get the best trades from Jim's 3 dynamic trading systems!

Jim isn't locked into any one system or point of view. He stays as fluid as the market, ready to capture whatever profits the market will safely give up. And that's why he developed 3 dynamic trading systems. One or more is usually right for the current market environment.

Let's look at them now. But keep in mind you won't have to work any computer programs, follow any charts, or do anything but make the trades. Jim does all the work for you, sending e-mail trade alerts when you need to take action!

Breakout Trading scores many quick gains!

Jim's "Breakout Trading System" is designed to safely capture quick profits of 10%, 20%, and 30%. Why? Because many small gains over time add up to a fortune. And small gains are easy to get, while homeruns are not (that's a little secret every pro knows).

To capture many small gains, Jim uses a proprietary "channel breakout" system. Here's the idea: If on a chart you draw a line connecting a stock's closing highs, and another one connecting its closing lows, you'll see a channel that depicts the price range over a period of time. Often, this is a consolidation period.

Then, if the current price breaks out of its channel to the upside, you can pretty much count on it going higher. That's an opportunity to go long. But if the current price breaks out of the channel to the downside, you can expect it to go lower. And that's an opportunity to go short.

But Jim never jumps the gun. He waits until the stock actually begins its "breakout move" on strong volume. Then he jumps in, capturing the safe "middle part" of it. In this way, he eliminates false signals and keeps more of his profits, as big moves are often followed by profit-taking.

Following a "channel breakout," a stock can move 10%, 20%, even 30% very quickly.

$4,150 profit in 20 days!

You might start by making small investments in Jim's trades. But once you get used to his 60% to 70% win rate (70% in the most recent quarter), you'll find yourself taking larger positions. For instance, a 1,000-share investment in DOX produced $4,150 profit in less than 3 weeks!

During your 30-day FREE TRIAL...you'll get several opportunities with breakout stocks. Jim's proprietary computer programs monitor 6,000 stocks, flagging the top candidates. Then, after careful analysis, Jim handpicks the best ones each week.

Once a stock makes its move on sufficient volume, he e-mails a "trade alert" to you with simple instructions. The profit target is usually 20% inside of 8 trading days, but that can vary. And Jim always sets a 5% stop order, so if the trade doesn't go your way, you'll get out and move on to the next opportunity.

And this brings up an important point. If you get more winners than losers...and if your wins are bigger than your losses...you've literally got a money machine! Jim is already up 177% with his breakout trades this year. Are you ready to try it? Click the link atthe bottom.

You'll get even bigger gains with Jim's Hop&Pop stocks

Jim's "Hop&Pop Trading System" is another money machine. In this system, the chart pattern displays the familiar "cup and handle" formation that so often predicts higher prices ahead.

The funny name refers to the fact that the trading volume is hopping (investors are hopping on the stock), and the share price is popping (moving sharply higher). Simply put, stocks with cup-and-handle formations that are "moving up on strong volume" are candidates for Hop&Pop trading.

Jim's Hop&Pop trades last a little longer than his breakout trades and often score higher profits.

$6,750 Profit in 7 weeks!

The great thing about trading with Jim is you won't have to wait long for your profits. And you'll get several Hop&Pop opportunities even during your 30-day FREE TRIAL.

Check these recent Hop&Pop profits...

43% profit in 49 days with ADTN!

33% profit in 21 days with AMLN!

31% profit in 29 days with FLSH!

30% profit in 44 days with RTIX!

Of course, with trades like these, you'll see your investment capital grow very quickly, which will enable you to take advantage of more of Jim's trading opportunities, or double up on your positions. If you're ready to give Jim's new service a try...

Click here to get Jim Patterson's trades FREE for 30 days

Hey, look at this: Had you been fortunate enough to start with Jim Patterson 4 years ago...with, say, the $250,000 you made in tech stocks in 1998-99, your investment would be worth $1.5 million today! That's how fast your money grows at 56% compounded annually. Just look at this subscriber's results...

Made $200,000 the past year!

"I want to thank you for your intelligent technical service. I have made over $200,000 in the last year trading with your guidance. I am up 69% in my trading portfolio this year, [even with] being out of town and missing the turn in March. You are excellent at reading the tea leaves." - Jim L., California

And Jim achieved this extraordinary record with dozens of trades each year, not just a few lucky calls. A lot of investors bemoan losing $250,000 the last few years, let alone making anything! But here's your chance to make up for lost time and money.

Also consider this: If Jim can make 56% compounded annually during the worst bear market in 70 years -- a period marked by tremendous volatility and scary geo-political events -- just imagine what he can do in a bull market?

But no matter what kind of market conditions, Jim's trading systems routinely find quick scoring opportunities. So, just try Jim's service. Make the same trades he
makes. And rack up your own $1.5 million in the next few years!

NDX & SPX TRADING SYSTEMS Plus, Jim's market-direction forecast

A lot of savvy investors like trading the QQQs and SPYS, as well as the 2-1 leveraged index funds by Rydex and Profunds. And if you're so inclined, you'll love Jim's market forecasts, along with his SPX and NDX Trading Systems.

How would you like to know which way the market is headed over the next 3 days, and also when an important high or low is in place? And also the most likely scenario over the next 6 to 8 weeks? Now you can! And Jim's accuracy rate is 70% on short-term direction!

Also, if you do your own stock research but need a more accurate way to gauge market direction, you'll find Jim's daily market forecast and commentary indispensable! And remember, you risk nothing. Jim's e-mail service is FREE for 30 days with no obligation to buy anything!

LOOK HERE: Since Jim launched his SPX trading system in February of 2002, he's up 51%, while the S&P 500 is down 14% -- that's 75% better performance! And recently he added an NDX trading system, and that's already ahead of the COMP by 14%!


When you're hot you're hot. And Jim Patterson is red-hot. Up a sum total of 650% in 3 years. Up 315% the last 12 months. Up 177% the first six months of 2003. Many more profitable trades are just ahead, so don't miss out!

With your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL, you'll get immediate FREE Web access to Jim's Essential Guide to Tactical Trading Outlook. But remember, you don't have to learn anything. Jim does all the work for you. The guide simply shows you how to use Jim's new e-mail service, and also gives you the confidence to act on his trade alerts. That way, you'll make a pile of money even during your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL!

To get Jim's trades, call Alegra at 1-888-400-5473 or 1-561-750-4155

Tell her you want to try Jim Patterson's NEW Tactical Trading Outlook FREE for 30 days. She'll ask for a credit card number, but she won't charge you one dime. Give her your e-mail address so we can start sending Jim's market forecasts and trade alerts to you.

Or Order online here to get Jim Patterson's trades FREE for 30 days

Then, go ahead and make the trades. As I said before, you could make $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 during your FREE trial. If you like the profits, don't do anything. Alegra will start charging your credit card just $29.95 a month to keep Tactical Trading Outlook coming to you for as long as you wish (otherwise, just cancel and owe nothing).

ACT NOW! Jim is about to recommend a group of "breakout stocks." And he's got some red-hot "Hop&Pop stocks" for you, too! Thanks for trying our service. Jim and I look forward to welcoming you!

Yours truly,

Dick Sanders
Jim Patterson's Tactical Trading Outlook

Important Disclosures:

Free trials, money-back guarantees, and refunds. Free trial subscriptions require you, the participant, to provide a valid credit card number. If you do not call our Subscriber Services team to cancel your subscription by the last day of your free trial, your credit card will be charged in the applicable price for the term of subscription you chose. Monthly subscribers may cancel at any time without incurring further credit card charges, but will not be given pro-rated refunds. One-year and two-year subscriptions offer limited money-back guarantees. These guarantee periods are not provided in addition to a free trial period. If you are given a 60-day money back guarantee, for example, and have signed up for a 30-day free trial, the guarantee is good only for 60 days -- NOT 90 days. We do not give pro-rated refunds
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Please note: All profit examples are hypothetical, assuming that subscribers bought and sold at the time the recommendations were issued. Actual results can and do vary based on day of execution and commission charges.

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past results are not indicative of future returns. Tactical Trading Outlook, LLC and all individuals affiliated with Tactical Trading Outlook, LLC assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results.