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Free Trading System of the Week Newsletter
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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
 Issue #100 - January 27, 2006

(Please respond while supplies last)

Free booklet - Learn support and resistance from the pros while learning to trade electronically.

Dear Trader and Investor,

Are you looking for an edge to jump-start your portfolio?

Need a reliable way to hedge against recent economic news and world events?

What if you were able to learn the ins & outs of futures trading from experts with over 30 years of trading experience?

Now you can. ML Trading Education will teach you the technical and fundamental variables that effect futures as well as how to excel in the electronic trading frontier.

Electronic trading is the wave of the future - use the same technology that professionals at the Exchanges use.

This isn't your father's market - times have changed and so must your investment strategy.

Take the guesswork out of trading - our technical education will teach you why the market reacts the way it does - so you can get the most out of every trade.

Use the interest rate environment in treasury futures and equity futures to hedge your portfolio

Ask for your free Support and Resistance Booklet.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week


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