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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #77 - December 16, 2004

Dear Trader and Investor,

If you're profit-hungry (and partially even lazy) like the rest of us, then what I'm about to reveal may of great interest to you.

Every now and then, I come across a trading product or service that "wows" me... not so much because of the concept itself, but rather the 'guarantee' that accompanies it. This is most definitely the case with a real-time stock trading alert service that I recently discovered (thanks to a couple friends of mine).

This powerful trading "weapon" has averaged monthly gains of 13.07% for its members since inception, which translates to a very healthy return of 337.61% per year compounded. Their results as of late exceed this average, and ended the month of November with gains in excess of 25% (NOTE: past results are not always indicative of future outcomes.).

Witness the performance figures for yourself here

Imagine what your portfolio would look like if you achieved these same returns each and every month like clockwork... without being tied-down to your computer all day or dealing with headache-inflicting learning curves.

What does all this mean to you? How about consistent profit-generation, more free time, and above all... peace of mind.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the REAL kicker is the 'guarantee'. As a valued member of this service, you are *guaranteed* to achieve at least +8% net monthly gains or you pay absolutely nothing.

Notice I said 8% gains... not 5%... not 2%... not "break even". Yes, 8% monthly returns, or not one single red cent comes out of your pocket for that particular month of service. This guarantee is as bold and serious as it gets.

If you've heard enough and are ready to check it out first- hand, then click here

However, if you're not yet convinced, then consider this...

Not only are you to achieve at least 8% monthly returns, but you also have a full 30-day window to test-drive the service completely risk-free, and determine if it is indeed something you wish to leverage on a continual basis.

If, for any reason, you decide within those 30 days that it's simply not for you, then you will promptly receive your entire monthly investment back in full... with no questions asked.

You literally have nothing to lose, yet consistent monthly profits to gain.

Now, as a natural skeptic and "caution shopper" myself, I anticipated that you may have initial hesitations. Therefore, as I'm getting into the holiday spirit, I wanted to do something special for you.

In an attempt to ease your hesitations and provide you with an even greater level of value, I had taken the liberty of convening with Manuel (the owner) and orchestrating a special "5-day-only" offer for all Stock-Links.com subscribers.

I won't get into detail here as far as what the offer entails, for you can immediately see for yourself here.

However, I will say this...

The rare discount and special complimentary bonus (a $99 value in itself) are NOT to be taken lightly, for Manuel knows the value of his service and how much money it can consistently make you on a monthly & annual basis.

This is exactly why he has insisted that the offer only be available to you for the next 5 days. I assure you, this is no gimmick or some faceless marketing "spin". Once these 5 days are up, the offer will be retracted and you'll be out of luck.

Also, keep in mind that Manuel can only take on a limited number of members at one time. Once he hits maximum membership capacity, a waiting list will then be in effect. If you procrastinate and wait until the last day, then there's a very good chance that you'll be placed on this waiting list - which could literally stretch out over many months.

Check it out for yourself. I think you'll like what Manuel and I put together for you.

Best regards,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

P.S. -- Another interesting and noteworthy fact that I forgot to mention before is that these performance figures are actually based on precise entry & exit numbers that are broadcasted to you in real-time (unlike many other services that post great returns, but assume you personally got out at the exact peak of the move using your own trading intuition). This, alone, is a huge differentiator in your favor.

P.P.S. -- One particular testimonial stuck out in my mind as I was investigating this service that I wanted to share with you. I think it accurately sums up the entire customer experience, and will give you a solid understanding of how it can help enhance your trading results:


"...I've been an active trader for years and always did pretty well in the stock market. But I got caught up in the fever when the market went berserk and ended up losing a bundle when the bubble burst. After I finished feeling sorry for myself, I decided to step back in to the market only to find that I was not very good at trading in this new market.

In my search for help, I came upon Manuel and the Portfolio Crafter. His trading plan was music to my ears, and his discipline was something I sorely needed. I started this year with a $100K portfolio and just broke $219K today!

Manuel is a wizard when it comes to finding amazing short term trading stocks. He sets great entry prices, tells me when to exit, and keeps me up-to-date on the status every day. Most importantly, Manuel is not afraid to take losses. He takes them before they get too serious. This takes significant downside out of trading.

I have never experienced a service so well run, so friendly, so customer-oriented, and so darn great. Other services I tried sometimes gave good recommendations, but they left you hanging. No information flow, no strategy, no communication. It's just the opposite with Manuel.

Every morning I get a view of what he is watching. Every evening I get a concise and insightful wrap-up. When Manuel is ready to make a trade, an IM let's me know in real-time. This man has restored my faith in making money with the stock market and has made trading fun again.

If you're going to try trading, try Portfolio Crafter first. You'll never leave."

M.G. La Jolla, California

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