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Issue #25 - November 25, 2002

ETF Authority Money Machine - Achieve steady gains of 3% to 5% and watch your money grow 55.8%, 80.0% and even 107.9% with as few as 15 Trades.

Hello Fellow Trader,

Now, For a Limited Time you can sign up for a five-part trading course "THE ETF MONEY MACHINE -- Accumulating Huge Profits Through Steady Trading Gains."

This is a great offer - you receive free trading lessons that will teach you all about Exchange-Traded Funds like the QQQs and SPYs. You don't need to enter your credit card info - just sign up and you will get the $150.00 course for free.

You can't do better than that.

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Dear Investor:

A few months back technical trading expert Steven Poser approached us to inquire about publishing a newsletter on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). I have to admit . . . at first I was very skeptical. After all, during the past few years I have seen how investors have lost their shirts by buying and holding index funds.

But respectfully, I listened. I had heard of Steven Poser's successes and I had seen him countless times on CNBC, CNNfn and Reuter's financial television. I had also read his articles at and other investing publications such as FUTURES magazine. I had a great deal of respect for him.

Steven proceeded to tell me how his trading approach could generate a steady stream of profits . . . piling on 3% to 5% at a time . . . usually over a one-to-three week period.

And, then I thought . . . how can anyone get excited about achieving 3% to 5% returns? That was . . . until I did the math. It became very clear to me how a steady 3% to 5% gain on trades could translate into 100% or more after just 15 to 20 trades.

After having seen the merits of his no-nonsense trading approach and how perfectly realistic his 3% to 5% gains were, I said . . . "sign here." I knew that the moment investors learned more about the benefits of Exchange-Traded Funds and how to trade them, they would almost certainly include them in their investment or trading mix.

I also knew that the days of just simply buying and holding long-term investments were over. After all, millions of investors have taken a punishing beating by following that strategy -- particularly over the past few years. Many investors have lost 70%, 80%, even 90% thanks to the bursting of the Internet and telecom bubbles, the slowdown in the U.S. economy and the crisis in confidence in the wake of the Enron and other corporate accounting scandals.

At we advocate that every investor should set aside 15% to 25% of his or her portfolio for short-term profit opportunities. And, we knew that Steven Poser's ETF Authority newsletter would be an easy-to-follow trading approach for the average investor who does not have the time to follow the markets closely every single day.

With only 15 to 20 winning trades per year, anyone can steadily profit and accumulate huge annual trading gains. My hunch is that once investors begin to see the profits roll in, they will understand just how brilliant Steven's trading strategy is. And, they are likely to trade even more than 15-20 times per year, giving them the potential for even greater profits.

My name is Lou Betancourt. I am the publisher of The ETF AUTHORITY. In the next two minutes I am going to show you how trading exchange-traded funds can generate 80%, 100% even more than 150% returns with as little as 15 trades.

To better acquaint our readers with how they can use such popular ETFs as the S&P 500 SPDRs (symbol SPY) and the Nasdaq 100 Trust (symbol QQQ) to achieve tremendous returns, I asked Steven to develop a special course that would teach them everything they need to know to get started trading these unique investment vehicles. And, he's done just that with his new course - THE ETF MONEY MACHINE--ACCUMULATING HUGE PROFITS THROUGH STEADY GAINS.

Eventually, this course will sell for $150, but right now it's yours FREE . . . with No strings attached. This is our way of introducing you to Steven Poser and showing how you can accumulate big profits with only a few minutes of your time each week.

By "No Strings attached," we mean just that. You will NOT be asked to provide your credit card information. FREE means just that -- FREE. And, to help you follow along, you will also receive three FREE issues of Steven's newsletter-The ETF AUTHORITY. These three issues will be jam-packed with Steven's easy-to-follow trade recommendations, allowing you to see for yourself just how well his recommended trades perform.

To receive your FREE course, simply click on the link below -


Steven's FREE five-part trading course will acquaint you with the advantages of trading ETFs - what to look for and what to avoid. You will learn how to trade ETFs and how you can achieve steady and consistent profits by trading these securities each week.

Included in these lessons will be a list of ETFs that The ETF AUTHORITY will focus on and a closer in-depth profile of some of the more liquid ETFs. You will also learn more about Steven's unique trading and investing philosophy, including a basic lesson on the technical analysis that Steven practices and the Elliott Wave Theory. This will help you better understand and implement Steven's recommended trading strategies.

The ETF MONEY MACHINE course will focus on short-term swing trades in the more liquid ETFs. Steven has identified about 20 of these securities that meet his criteria for tight enough bid/offer spreads and large enough volume to make trading these issues not just viable, but extremely profitable. Steven scans and analyzes these select ETFs each and every week and only recommends trades on those he feels have the greatest potential for near-term profits.

ETF AUTHORITY MATH -- How 3% to 5% Times 15 = 56% to 165% Profit.

By taking advantage of Steven's knowledge and expertise, you can obtain steady and exceptional results from trading ETFs on a weekly basis. Steven looks for 3% to 5% moves on each of his trades, and by identifying just 15 wining trades per year, he could help you earn 56% to 165% annual profits.

In fact, after putting Steven Poser's ETF investing philosophy into action, I'm willing to bet that you'll be able to generate even greater returns, especially when you compare your gains to the rest of your portfolio that is invested for the long-term. Just look at the potential results that you could achieve with just a few modestly profitable trades:

Just 15 trades per year . . . about one every three weeks can generate a cumulative gain of 80%. That's by reinvesting your gains and achieving an average of just a 4% gain on your trades. Twenty such trades would generate a 119.1% compounded gain.

Steven is one of the most thorough market analysts I have ever seen. He combines classical technical analysis, fundamental analysis and economic research along with stock market sentiment to develop his trading recommendations. He tracks candlestick patterns to gauge current market action and he use MACD, Fibonacci retracements, extension targets and Elliott Wave Theory to formulate his trading recommendations.

The ETF Authority's mission is to help you profit in both up AND down markets. You see it doesn't matter which way the markets are trending. By recommending both long and short trades, The ETF AUTHORITY can be profitable in either direction. And, with Steven's guidance you will always know when to buy and when to sell.

So, sign up for your FREE course today and learn how you can accumulate huge profits with significantly less risk. To receive your FREE ETF MONEY MACHINE course, simply click on the link below-


You don't need to follow the markets constantly in order to profit from trading Exchange-Traded Funds. At last there is a trading program for people with very busy schedules-busy eople who don't have the time to trade.

Every week we'll send you THE ETF AUTHORITY with Steven's market analysis and several of his trading recommendations. He'll do all the research and will select several potentially profitable ETF trades for you. He'll tell you which ones to buy, when to get in and when to get out. His picks always include an entry price, an exit point and a stop-loss to ensure that your downside risk is mitigated.

The program runs on autopilot. You simply place the trade with Steven's parameters for the next business day. When your targets are reached the transaction will be executed automatically. Should changing news events or technical patterns warrant a change in trading strategy, Steven will be right on top of it and will send you a mid-week alert if there are any changes to his recommendations.

There are many trading advisory offers out there that claim they can make 20%, 30% even 50% return in just a few months . . . but let's be realistic. These 20% to 50% moves come in bursts and they usually carry a great deal of risk.

Steven Poser's investing approach is based on sound technical and fundamental factors, and he doesn't shoot for unreasonable gains. He does not use futures and these returns assume that your positions are not leveraged. He leaves no stone unturned on his way to steady weekly profits.

So, sign up for your FREE ETF MONEY MACHINE course right now. Don't delay. You have absolutely nothing to risk. In fact, we don't even ask for your credit card. If after reading the course and following a few of Steven's trades you feel the path to steady gains is for you -- sign up. If not, then do nothing. We'll cancel your free trial automatically. The decision is strictly up to you and you won't have to worry about any cancellation hassles. What could be easier? Sign up today and receive the first installment of your FREE course right now!

To receive your FREE course simply click the link below:

Best Wishes for trading success,

Lou Betancourt
The ETF Authority


Steven Poser is one of the most widely-acclaimed technical analysts in the country. Prior to joining, Mr. Poser was employed for more than a decade at Deutsche Bank in New York City, where his main function was as a global markets technical strategist. He covered all the major bond and currency markets during that time, directly supporting the firm's trading efforts. While working on Deutsche's International Bond desk, he acted as the firm's U.S.-based European fundamental and technical strategist. Mr. Poser spent his last four years at Deutsche Bank working as the firm's Chief U.S. Technical Analyst.

A regular guest on CNBC, CNNfn and Reuters Financial Television, Mr. Poser is frequently sought after for speaking engagements and trading seminars. Since education is a priority item to Mr. Poser, he has taught general markets and technical analysis custom courses for the New York Institute of Finance, was a featured speaker at the TAG 21 technical analysis conference, and currently provides one-on-one technical analysis training to individuals and major corporations. Mr. Poser has previously written articles for Futures Magazine and is a past contributor to He also wrote a chapter in the book "New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models From the Masters" and is currently working on a book about trading and investing using the Elliott Wave Theory (to be published by John Wiley & Sons).

To receive your FREE course simply click the link below -

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