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Issue #24 - November 18, 2002

How to Trade the Futures Market - from a professional pit trader turned screen trader.

Dear Trader and Investor,

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Malcolm Robinson to alert me about his new program. Well, I checked it out, even though I usually stay away from trading courses that make big promises. You can read the many happy testimonials below, and be confident that this information is from a pro that has been on the trading floor, and in the pits, where the action is. What makes this course different from the rest is that the infomation is from someone who has done this for a living, and knows more than we do, standing as we do by the sidelines.

You really need to learn from professionals to get anywhere in trading, as there is a lot of insider knowledge that allows the traders behind the scenes to make a steady living. Check out this course and feel free to ask for a full refund if it doesn't suit your needs.

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

To: Fellow Trader
From: Malcolm Robinson
Date: Monday, November 18, 2002

Can you answer yes to one of the flowing questions?

Do you want to learn how to anticipate the market, rather than follow it?

Do you want to know what really drives the futures market?

Do you want to know what the most fundamental skill of trading is and learn how to acquire it?

If yes, read on...

On the Internet it is hard to know who to believe; there are so many people making big claims, claims that their products simply do not live up to. I have been disappointed by exaggeration and false claims too many times to make that mistake with my course. In a moment I will tell you specifically what this course can do for you; but first, here is my guarantee to you:

GUARANTEE: If you decide to buy my course and it is not everything that this letter claims it to be, I will give you a full, no quibble, refund. I want you to feel assured that you will get exactly what is described here, if not you will get all your money back and a big thank you from me for pointing out my error. Why? Because I am committed to ensuring that all my customers are happy and satisfied, all business depends on happy customers.

Click Here to Buy Now

Feedback from satisfied clients (copies of original E-mails have been kept for verification purposes) :

"Within a day of reading your material and using the simulator on the FTSE index I was successfully predicting price movements and profiting. What amazed me was that after taking out a position, on most occasions I could monitor the upwards trend and see it weakening at the top as the balance shifted."

"Dear Malcolm, I was delighted to receive your manuscript and e-mails,I only wish I could have learned your ideas 3 years ago.They have been of enormous help to me."

"I am very pleased with the course, I have already picked up some ideas that will improve my trading results and I haven't even finished it yet!"

"I maybe over optimistic, but I think that applying some of your ideas will make all the difference to my trading success."

"I forgot to add, the course is excellent value at the price."

"Malcolm, I have recently purchased your course and at present I am still reading it (so far it is great)..."

"The Market Master trading software has been a big help in my trading. Keep up the good work."

“I would never have started Trading Futures if I had not attended your excellent Introduction seminar and received your valuable support.”

“Excellent stuff. Again, you have been of great help. Many thanks”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop & am getting consistent results!” 

"You have put together a good Manual. I am especially interested in what you have to say in Chapter 9 'Reading the Current Price'. As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, the Course I have done here did not mention anything about closely watching the Last Price, bid, ask, etc."

" Interesting info in Chapters 10 and 11 too. What you say in Chapter 11 "Money Management" is very interesting. You have listed a very simple way of calculating how long losses can be sustained, and what are acceptable losses. Any trader could adapt this plan to suit their available capital. Over the past 2 years or so, after doing a few share trading courses and 1 Futures course, nothing like this has ever been mentioned. (And so Simple and easy to understand.)"

"I see what you mean by watching the bid, ask, last price etc. Trading the ESTX50 I have been watching it closely. I can see this is going to take a while, however over time I am sure this will be a valuable skill to use."

"First of all, thanks for the course. I wouldn't normally subscribe to such things but your balanced views expressed through the articles on City Comment persuaded me to give it a go."

"The simulator is a great piece of software and I've been practicing daily."

Click Here to Buy Now

What you will learn from the course:

The High/Low trend following strategy

3 ways to profitable trading with the High/Low trend following strategy

The most important lesson I have learned about success in trading

The 2 key components to successful futures day trading

How to read an individual price bar (there is more there than meets the eye)

The trading revolution, what it is and how it effects you

Why Direct Access Futures Trading is the only option for day trading

Why Spread Betting stacks the odds against the day trader

What are futures? A straightforward explanation covering what you need to know to trade successfully

Why Volume is the 2nd most important indicator after price

How to read and profit from the Depth of Market (DOM)

How to read volume (you won't find this in most trading books!)

The history of the futures exchange: CBOT, CME, LIFFE & EUREX

How the trading pit works and how it relates to Direct Access Trading

The 3 primary uses of Futures Markets

How the futures price relates to the cash price

How futures cash arbitrage works

What you specifically need to know to trade the E-Mini S&P, FTSE100 and DAX futures

Margins; what they are and how they work

The trailing stop, what it is and when to use it

What you need to know about delivery and why

The pros and cons of Market Orders, Limit Orders and Stop Orders

What the forces are that drive the futures market and how you can gauge them

How to read multiple bars

How to tell when a trend has reversed

How to use volume to anticipate tops and bottoms (conventional wisdom doesn't work)

How to read the current price (best bid, best offer and last trade)

Why learning to read the current price is the most important skill in a day traders arsenal of skills

How to execute trades efficiently and effectively

How to maintain an objective and focused mind

How to minimise anxiety

Money Management, a simple formula for success

How to use Market Master trading simulator and to refine and develop your market reading skills

The pros & cons of being a floor trader

The pros & cons of being an off-floor trader

The pros & cons of being a direct access trader

The how and why of rolling your position over

How to use a Direct Access trading platform

Scalping the market with Direct Access

The two fundamental market forces

Analysis and interpretation of 16 different developments in the current price

How to use Market Master trading simulator and to refine and develop your market reading skills

Click Here to Buy Now

Also included:

Market Master Trading Simulation Program

Master the financial markets in your own time with no risk of loss.

Market Master is a trading simulation program that enables you to practice trading any market in anytime frame. Practice trading futures contracts from LIFFE, CBOT, CME, and Eurex among other exchanges; including E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq, FTSE 100, Dax, SP500, Bund and T-Bond futures. Market Master reads market data files that can easily be created by anyone with access to real-time or historical data. (It comes with 3 months of data for E-Mini S&P, E-Mini Nasdaq and FTSE100)

How you can use Market Master:

With Market Master you can practice trading any market be it futures, stocks or cash indexes.

You can enter the appropriate variables to simulate the impact of commissions, slippage and the spread (for spread betting).

The data is taken from the real market so as you practice you are developing a feel for the markets that you intend to trade live.

You can enter market orders, stop orders and MIT orders (similar to limit order, see user guide). 

As you progress through the day the status window gives you an overview of your position and your performance.

In the history window you will see a chart of your equity, which gives valuable feedback as to your trading profile.

With the simulator you are not constrained by time, so you can trade an entire day in less than 30 minutes. You could gain a whole years trading experience in a couple of weeks. Or if you don't have the time to follow the market live during the day, you could use Market Master to trade today's prices after the close.

The value of Market Master is not restricted to practice and familiarisation. If you are trading and have had a bad day it can be useful to use the simulator to go over the day and observe what happened in an objective light.

In the real market, when your hard earned money is on the line every mistake costs money, not just a few pounds but usually hundreds or thousands.

If you can eliminate just one occurrence of one small mistake by practicing with Market Master, you will have gained. It cost me tens of thousands to learn the skills of trading as a floor trader, now you can learn from your own mistakes and experiences with no risk of loss

How much does it all cost?

Initially I was thinking of selling the course for $500 as it represents over 10 years of my learning and development, all condensed into a course that is easy to read and implement. But I have realised that $500 would deter too many people. So to keep it easily affordable and yet to ask a price that reflects the value of the contents; I have settled at a price of just $149.

Special Offer: 40% Discount Limited Period ONLY! (I cannot guarantee that if you return at a later date, this offer will still be in place) BUY TODAY for just $89

Click Here to Buy Now

What is included?

How to Trading the Futures Market the Manual (this information has sold for over $500). Everything I know and have learned to date about successful and profitable day trading of futures markets. (This is a PDF document which can be read on any PC and can be downloaded immediately)

The Trading Simulator: Market Master (MM has been sold for $400). Market Master cost over $12,000 to develop and has been instrumental in helping me go from a floor trader to a screen based direct access trader.

The High/Low Trend Following Trading Strategy. I highlight 3 ways to use this strategy to enhance your trading profits. In July this year this strategy applied to 60 minute charts produced over $11,000 in the E-Mini S&P and over £12,000 in the FTSE. (not including slippage and commission, all results are hypothetical, please read Warning & Disclaimer)

A minimum of 3 months of intraday (2 min) data for: FTSE100 Futures, E-Mini S&P500 Futures, E-Mini Nasdaq100 Futures. For use with Market Master

Free upgrades for all future revisions of the manual.


Bonus 1

I have negotiated a discount of $75 against the first $150 of commissions for anyone who buys this course and subsequently opens an account with the Direct Access Broker Easy2Trade. They will also waive the $75 set up fee which effectively gives you a $150 discount. I have an account with Easy2Trade and find their service to be efficient, good value and very reliable. They are also as friendly and helpful a team of brokers that you could hope to find! (I do not receive any payments from Easy2Trade for recommending them, instead I pass onto you any incentives).

Bonus 2

Purchasers of this course can have a free 2 day use of the live market trading trainer from Easy2Trade worth $75. Basically you will be using their Direct Access trading platform with live market data, but with a simulated account. This is the closest you can get to real trading without risking anything. This is a fantastic tool, you can really get to grips with the reality of active day trading and familiarize yourself with the trading platform. I recommend that you wait until you are ready before using this bonus. Make sure you have read the entire course and put into practice the exercises for use with Market Master. Use the Easy2Trade trainer as the final preparations for live trading.

I have put together a package that in value, I hope you will agree, far outstrips the price that I am charging of just $89 (Limited Period ONLY!) Remember my guarantee:

GUARANTEE: If you decide to buy my course and it is not everything that this letter claims it to be, I will give you a full, no quibble, refund. I want you to feel assured that you will get exactly what is described here, if not you will get all your money back and a big thank you from me for pointing out my error. Why? Because I am committed to ensuring that all my customers are happy and satisfied, all business depends on happy customers.

To order the course now, for immediate download, pay by credit card through our secure processing center click the below.

Special Offer: 40% Discount Limited Period ONLY!
(I cannot guarantee that if you return at a later date, this offer will still be in place)

BUY TODAY for just $89

Click Here to Buy Now

I learnt to trade the hard way, I have made every trading mistake in the book. I truly believe that any trader, whether novice or experienced, will gain valuable and profitable insights into trading by reading my course.

Malcolm Robinson
The Mastery Of Trading Ltd

Phone: +44 (0) 1273-774548

I wish you all the best in your trading, please feel free to contact me by email with any questions. You can also contact me by phone, but please note that when I am trading I may not respond to the phone.

"Hi Malcolm and thanks for the course...

With my background in TA (technical analysis) I initially thought it would add nothing to my skills - WRONG. The course is a nuts and bolts introduction to trading in the real world, it puts it all into perspective by giving blow by blow accounts of trades.

It has made me confident that I am a winner in the market".


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