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Issue #22 - November 4, 2002

The Single-Stock Futures Revolution - Wall Street is about to go through a dramatic change. A powerful new financial tool is about to be made available to you that will level the playing field forever.

Dear Trader and Investor,

Every once in a long while, things change on Wall Street. Many times, as in daytrading, it is only the first to take advantage of new technologies that reap the benefits. Right now, Single-Stock Futures are HOT. Find out now about how to take advantage of this brand new instrument, and make money before others have even heard about this.

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Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Give me 30 days...

I'll teach you how to leverage a modest amount of money into millions!

-- Bill Johnson
21st Century Investor Education

Dear Investor,

Let's not kid ourselves. The rules on Wall Street have never favored small investors. In fact, the "cards" have been purposely stacked against us.

A friend of mine who owns a seat on the New York Stock Exchange has bragged to me for years that he "has a license to steal."

Just look at the buy/sell spreads that Wall Street's specialists charge. They're ridiculous. How are you supposed to make money when buy/sell spreads are as much as 5%, 7% even 10%?

Well I've got great news. The playing field is about to be leveled on Wall Street. My friend's license to steal is about to be pulled forever.

The Single-Stock Futures Revolution: Winning Strategies That Leverage Modest Dollars to Millions Using Wall Street's Newest Weapon

Wall Street is about to go through a dramatic change. A powerful new financial tool is about to be made available to you that will level the playing field forever.

*  Kiss those fat buy/sell spreads goodbye! Futures are much more liquid and have narrower bid-ask spreads than stocks and options. For example, the Nasdaq 100 Trust (QQQ) typically carries a 7-to-18 basis point spread, while the e-mini Nasdaq 100 futures contracts trade on a 3-to-9 basis point spread. Also, with futures you only pay commission. With the QQQs, you pay a commission plus 18 basis points per year for the management of the fund.

*  Get 5-to-1 leverage without the time decay that plagues options: Single-stock futures will only require an initial margin deposit of 20%, or one-fifth the total purchase price. Because of this, for any gain in the stock, the percentage return on the futures position will be five times greater than that of the stock. Futures are contracts to buy and sell in the future, so there is no time premium for buying the asset today like there is with options.

*  No margin interest charge:
In order to get leverage with stocks, you must go "on margin," which means you borrow money from your brokerage firm. You are charged substantial interest to borrow the money, and these charges are often the culprit behind losing trades.

*  Instantly change from long to short: One trade, one commission, no delay.

*  Virtual 24-hour trading: Many futures contracts on major indices can be traded 'round-the-clock. The S&P 500, for example, can be traded from 5:30 p.m. Sunday to 3:15 p.m. on Friday. Now you can profit when world events unfold!

The single-stock revolution will have a dramatic impact on the way stocks are traded!

Single-stock futures will start trading on Wall Street in matter of weeks. If you haven't heard about them, don't be surprised. Most of the Wall Street's money players are not looking forward to the launch of these new financial instruments. That's because a lot of the trading edges that professionals have now will disappear when investors like you figure out how single-stock futures work.

For those of you who don't know, I was the guy at Charles Schwab who actually trained the professional traders who manned Schwab's trading desk. I'm considered by many professional traders around the world as the leading authority on options and futures trading. In fact, I may be one of the most qualified experts in the world on the subject of single-stock futures.

I've just written a new book, The Single-Stock Futures Revolution: Winning Strategies That Leverage Modest Dollars to Millions Using Wall Street's Newest Weapon. This book is unlike any book that is or will be offered on the market for four reasons:

#1: It's written in plain, easy-to-understand language. It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced investor or a novice. You'll understand every word and every concept.

#2: This is the only 100% independent book on the subject of single-stock futures on the market - a $198 value. Brokerage firms who will offer trading in these new financial instruments have written the only other sources of information on the subject. With all due respect, these are hopelessly vague and nothing more than sales vehicles. My book is a solid tutorial that will teach you how to make money using this powerful investing tool.

#3: The Single-Stock Futures Revolution comes with an amazing workbook that should guarantee your success - worth $49. This workbook will ensure that you nail down every single aspect of how to use single-stock futures to make money; it's packed with questions, drills, and real scenarios so you'll make money hand over fist!

#4: An amazing 8-week online training course is included - worth $448! This amazing interactive online course will take you by the hand and walk you through the concepts step-by-step, providing you with the knowledge you need to become a single-stock futures expert.

My book, The Single-Stock Futures Revolution, the companion workbook and the 8-week online trading course are about to be advertised via television in a national campaign on the major financial news networks for $695.

For a VERY limited time the book, workbook and the online course are just $99. You save $596!

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I'm so convinced that you'll love this book, I'll do what most other authors are afraid to do - I'll send you my book for 30 days FREE* to explore!

You're going to love The Single-Stock Futures Revolution. I'm so sure of it that I'll send it to you for 30 days FREE. If you're not 100% thrilled with my book, return it along with the workbook within the 30-day examination period, and you won't be charged a dime for the book.

There is just one very reasonable catch:

*The shipping and handling costs $7.95. These are top shelf quality books and workbooks. They have weight. So they aren't cheap to deliver.

I'll send you both books for just the shipping and handling charge. After the 30-day FREE examination period, if you keep the books you'll be charged just $99 - an incredible $596 off the retail price of the books and online course!

Order online here. Your credit card will be charged just the shipping and handling ($7.95) now and not a single penny extra for 30 days. Then once you've had 30 days to examine the book, I'll charge you just $99! You save $596!

If you're not thrilled, send the book and workbook back within 30 days, and we won't charge you for the book. But I know once my book and its companion workbook land in your hands, nothing is going to pry them loose. Nothing!

What could be fairer?

Order immediately online by clicking here.


Bill Johnson
21st Century Investor Education

To place your order with a live person, call 1-800-931-9137 or 1-561-750-6717 and mention adcode WEBA0003.

*Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. International shipping charge is $20.00. FedEx USA Overnight is available for $25 and again is not refundable. Florida residents add 6% sales tax. Sorry, we do not deliver to P.O. boxes.

What our subscribers are saying about us!

Wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for my very successful first trade. I traded the OEX call OXBJP on your recommendation (on July 24, 2002)- Opened 35 contracts at 2.90 and issued a stop loss at 5.90 based on my observation of the market velocity and your advise on direction and timing. As you can see that was quite a gain...about 93% for the day... ( on high velocity days I set all stops and 90% gain ) and it more than paid for thesubscription for two years and left some thing for lunch.. So, thanks again, you really made my day. I should also say, I really appreciate the manner in which your advice is given. It is direct and to the point using sound reasoning. It also appears to be very accurate. I am also very surprised at how you try repair trades that have not gone the direction you hoped for and for your continued updates during the day. No one else that I know of does that type of service.... I subscribe to 3 other option trading companies recommendations, I consider yours to be the most direct and have the most reasoning behind the recommendation. I appreciate your not throwing trades for the sake of trading - it is only fun if you make money. If you only send out 10 trades a year like the one you just did I would be happy. Many thanks & Kind Regards--M.C.

"Your newsletters are far and away the best that I have ever subscribed to. You will continue to get my support and have a good client for the long road. Keep up the good work." -- Hap C.
Thanks for your letter. Thanks from all of us for your more detailed explanation of your Friday update. I too had questions, but felt a little intimidated to ask. And yes, we'll see how the markets turn as to whether we need to buy puts to offset calls. Tricky market, isn't it? By the way, I've doubled the money in my account I have risked with 21st Century Options since January to April. I've been meaning to say this to you, but felt kinda stupid to say it: I'm sure you are aware of the Law of 72 in doubling your money - that is, divide the interest rate into 72 to get the units of time needed to double your money. Your OEX trades, in my opinion, are tantamount to Joe Montana to Jerry Rice - damn near money in the bank. So, if we are hitting on 25% interest per trade, it takes only 3 trades to double your money, i.e., 72 divided by 25 equals 3 and change. This is about as sophisicated as I get!!!! lol Anyway, I went very conservative at first with you guys, but increased a little more each time, and Voila!! my $15K in my account is now worth $30, and I've actually put another $11K in my account to trade. Let's see if the next 3-4 months are as good as the past 3-4 months. I am going to call your office about buying a full year at your generous discount. My way of saying thanks! Thanks so much for caring about your subscribers' money. It shows--T.Y.

"A great call again -- I doubled my money in 16 days." -- John L.

"I would like to congratulate you on your accuracy in spotting excellent opportunities. You and your people have really done an excellent job." -- Phillippe E.W., Basel, Switzerland

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