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Issue #21 - October 28, 2002

Hot Stix - Get 50% of your trades wrong and still make big profits in the stock market.

This strategy of keeping losses small is extremely effective.

Hello Subscriber,

Hot Stix is a service that can show you exactly when to buy and sell stocks with a proven method used by professional traders.

Their approach to profiting in the stock market, is a simple, but powerful strategy. They buy stocks which demonstrate the potential for explosive gains, while maintaining a highly disciplined exit strategy to manage risk.

By focusing on your potential risk and identifying your exit plan should your trade go against you, it is easy to keep emotions out of the game allowing you to think clearly and stick to your trading plan.

By itself, that strategy is not enough to be successful. You also need to have a proven and consistent strategy that will allow you to find winning stocks in any market environment. At HotStix, they use a visual form of Technical Analysis that is both simple and effective.

Technical Analysis allows them to find setups by identifying certain chart patterns. Some people think Technical Analysis needs to be complex and mathematical. They think it's better to keep it simple. This technique was discovered more than 50 years ago, and has proven itself to work in every market environment.

Read below to learn about Hot Stix. They are so confident you will gain from their service, you have 30 days to obtain a full refund of your subscription if you are anything less than thrilled.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

This stock is about to make
   some people serious profit.

We'd like to give you the name of this stock so that you can profit from it too.

Take a look and see how we can reduce your risk AND increase your returns by trading chart patterns.

The following is an actual chart from our premium service:

If you would like to get the name of this stock right now, simply click here to subscribe to Hot Stix.

If you would like more information about how Hot Stix can help you profit from today's market, then please read on.

How Hot Stix works for you:

* After our professional market technicians scan thousands of stocks, we pick out just the very best stocks that have formed into chart patterns BEFORE they breakout.

* We then provide you with EXACT entry and exit prices, so you are never left wondering how to make the trade.

* You also get the clearest and cleanest chart, with our market technician's analysis, just like the one above.

* We provide you with an EXACT stop-loss price, so that you can never have any big losses.

Why it works:

At Hot Stix, we fall into the school of thought called "Technical Analysis." Contrary to fundamental analysis, technical analysis refers to the study of the action of the market itself as opposed to the study of the goods in which market deals. The technical investor could care less about understanding the business of a company. In fact, the technical analyst will argue that any fundamental information is already priced into the stock, and that what is going to move a stock only has to do with what is going to happen in the future.

Now, if you're pretty good at predicting the future, you might just want to stick with fundamental analysis. But if you are like most everyone else, in today's global-networked economy, where everyone and every institution has direct access to the stock market and information flies faster than a speeding bullet, even superman would be hard pressed to keep up to date on the fundamental story of just one company -- let alone a whole portfolio of stocks.

Our belief is that the stock market is nothing more than a never-ending battle between those who think a stock should be going down (the bears) and those who think it should be going up (the bulls). Both parties are constantly engaged in this battle, and while no one may be able to know all the reasons for why each side acts the way it does, the results of their actions are etched clearly, and forever, on a stock chart.

What's really interesting, is that this same game of bulls v. bears has been going on for hundreds of years, leaving us with quite a record of how these battles evolve and how they play out. And while there might have been amazing changes in technology, the fundamental drivers of human behavior in the stock market have not changed.

People are still possessed by fear and greed in the 21st century, just as they were in the 1890's. It may be trite, but that old cliché holds true; the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The result is that we find the same chart patterns developing and playing out over and over again. Does it work all the time? No, of course not. But it does work enough of the time to give us (and you) a very profitable advantage.

Here's what some real members say:

"I'm a short-term momentum trader who is a recent subscriber to your website. I take positions on the small risk, large potential reward recommendations, which I recently did on NVDA. In 22 days, I netted $8,468.63 by shorting NVDA, enough to pay for more than 24 YEARS of subscriptions to your site !! Can't thank you enough. I demand that you all keep up the good work!"

Mike Carter in Toronto, Canada.

"I have been a member for about five months, and just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed the service. I have been doing this long enough to know that there is no get rich scheme, and that is not what I am looking for. Rather, I would be happy if I could consistently make a little money. That is something that I have been able to do since joining Hot Stix. Trading still has it's daily struggles, I still find it tempting to utilize a mental stop that almost always leads to a larger loss. But for the most part, I have had the discipline to exercise good money management skills. Thanks again for the great setups, and I look forward to continued trading with Hot Stix."

Gary in Virginia.

Once you become a member, you will have immediate access to the following services:

* The Hot Box - This is our dynamic online service that will provide you with a continuously updated list of stocks to buy and short. We don't just tell you a stock is a "Strong Buy." We tell you exactly at what price to buy and also tell you specifically where to exit the trade. This can be done easily enough with most online brokerages through the use of a stop-limit order. Once we recommend a stock, we continue to chart the progress of the trade. Every few days, sometimes every few hours, we will post a new chart and new analysis of the trade and change our sell position as needed. We keep all of this information in what we call The Hot Box.

* Weekly Newsletter - Once a week, we step back to take a look at the big picture. In the Hot Stix Newsletter, we take a look at key market risk indicators, including stochastics and the VIX, to get a sense of the current risk level of the market as a whole. It is through these weekly market snapshots that a profitable trader can easily avoid getting caught in a major market decline.

* Easy to Read Charts - One of the biggest misconceptions in technical analysis is that it is hard to understand because the charts are confusing. Hot Stix will provide you with a "candlestick" chart that is easy to read and comprehend, for every trade we make. We'll even update the chart if we change our target price. We write our comments directly on the chart and use clear and concise lines to illustrate key inflection points. You will never look at a chart the same way again.

* Email Notifications
- Hot Stix is convenient and easy to follow. We offer free e-mail alerts that will tell you everything you need to know about how to trade each and every setup.

Our 100% Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

Sign up now, and if, in thirty days, for whatever reason, you decide to cancel your membership, we will issue a complete and full refund of your subscription fee.

With a straightforward guarantee like that, you risk nothing. Why not give it a try?

Click here to subscribe and find out the name of that stock before it breaks out!

To unsubscribe, write to
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