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Issue #3 - June 17, 2002

Erlanger Squeeze Play - Mathematical computer whiz uses innovative techniques to predict stock prices.

Dear Fellow Trader,

The feedback I've received for the following stock market service has been terrific. This is the real deal - top quality recommendations from a Wall Street veteran. Top institutions have followed Phil Erlanger's recommendations for years, so you know you will be in good company. You owe it to yourself to at least try the 30-day free trial.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Erlanger's Squeeze Play 30-Day Free Trial

A FREE 30-DAY TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION to Erlanger Squeeze Play, PLUS bonuses worth $227! Learn why the biggest names on Wall Street follow Phil Erlanger's buy and sell recommendations.

Erlanger Squeeze Play 30-Day Free Trial

Dear Fellow Trader and Investor,

Have you ever wondered whom the "experts" on Wall Street or even investment newsletter editors listen to when they’re investing for themselves?

The truth is that most "investment gurus" would rather walk on a bed of red-hot coals than admit that any of their competitors or even friends are good at what they do, much less be big enough to admit that they’re taking advice from them.

You know the game. They want you believe they’re the only "guru" on the face of the earth that you can trust for solid investing advice.

Meanwhile many of Wall Street’s most powerful and mega-rich insiders including:

* Peter Lynch of Fidelity Investments
* Jeff Vinik, former manager of Fidelity Magellan
* More than 100 top fund companies, collectively managing over 1 trillion dollars…

...have been glued to the buy/sell recommendations of one amazing man -- Phil Erlanger. They follow his advice because he has a reputation of being a genius.

Phil Erlanger is a mathematical computer whiz who has developed a scientific method of pinpointing investor sentiment that allows him to tell whether a stock is going to go up or down with an incredible degree of mathematical certainty –- many say it’s almost "supernatural." This is the reason Phil Erlanger has been highly regarded as the top-secret weapon for the biggest insiders on Wall Street.

Because Phil's newsletter wasn't available to investors like you (until now), many of those big shots on Wall Street been able to side-step the "from whom do you take investment advice" question. Even more relevant, Phil's newsletter and the price tag of his service -- $30,000 – made subscribing impossible for most of our subscribers. Wall Street can’t keep their "secret weapon" secret any longer.

Phil Erlanger is making his groundbreaking, scientifically-precise method of investing available to investors for the first time for just $295 a year, or $29.95 per month. As one investment newsletter familiar with Phil Erlanger and his newsletter recently said:

"I hate to admit it, but Phil’s newsletter is AMAZING, and any investor who doesn’t subscribe to Erlanger Squeeze Play is missing out. Anyone with a brain should subscribe immediately."

Now you can through this limited offer. Try Erlanger Squeeze Play FREE for 30 days. But that’s not all! Counting the 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION and the bonuses we’ll send you, this offer is worth over $227!

It's an amazing opportunity that we think few other financial publications would have the guts to offer. Phil's so convinced that once you've enjoyed a trial subscription and have read Phil Erlanger’s special reports, you'll do back flips and love his newsletter -- you'll want to be a subscriber for life.

How can you argue with a FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION plus bonuses altogether worth $227?

We're thrilled to introduce you to Phil Erlanger, and happy to offer you this trial subscription and bonuses -- worth $227!

Erlanger Squeeze Play 30-Day Free Trial

Erlanger Squeeze Play tells you when to buy and when to sell.

Every month, by e-mail or fax, you'll receive a monthly issue, then throughout the month you'll also receive special Squeeze Alerts. These are urgent buy and sell recommendations as well as updates and comments from Phil Erlanger himself -- from his mind to yours in a matter of minutes.

You'll get the kind of edge that Wall Street's most successful and powerful insiders plop down $30,000 a year to receive. They're happy to pay, because his recommendations virtually guarantee success.

Phil goes through a time-consuming, mathematical ordeal every day to make you rich

Every day, Phil Erlanger uses his revolutionary computer programs to sift through 6,000 stocks and dozens of stock indexes, searching for the opportunities that will make you wealthy. It's an enormous task: the variables are staggering, and the numbers are constantly moving. It's like trying to hit a moving target traveling at 500 miles per hour.

Make no mistake about it; his computers go through a time-consuming, computational ordeal every day. For even the most advanced investor or sophisticated technical analyst, recreating this data would be impossible. But incredibly, Phil has done it. We've seen his recommendations deliver a string of profits including 75%, 89%, 101%, even 431% in just the past
several months. But these profits are just a tiny glimpse of the profits he's been generating over the last 10 years.

Erlanger Squeeze Play is a serious, no-nonsense trading newsletter --it's not about glossy bonus reports on the top 3 stocks you should buy and hold for 12, 24, or 36 months. Phil Erlanger doesn't work that way. Phil's revolutionary scientific method of trading requires fast, fresh data and speed of light communications.

Sign up for a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION TODAY, and you’ll receive:

* Erlanger Squeeze Play sent by e-mail or fax. Clear, concise, and incredibly powerful, each issue is packed with the kind of money making advice that can make you incredibly wealthy.

* Phil Erlanger's Squeeze Alerts, also sent by e-mail or fax. Each Squeeze Alert will contain exciting trade recommendations, market analysis, and follow-ups on open positions. You'll think you've found the Holy Grail. Over the course of this trial subscription alone, you'll receive 2-4 Squeeze Alerts. Over the course of a one-year subscription, you’ll receive at least 35 of these special alerts.

* Your own private username and password for Phil Erlanger's Website at, which will give you around-the-clock access anywhere in the world to his latest analyses and recommendations.

* Phil's new special report: "How to Read the Crowd and Squeeze a Fortune Out of Wall Street," worth $99. This exciting special report shatters the popular myths of investing and explains in detail why Phil's revolutionary approach to trading stocks and indexes works so well, time and time again.

* Phil's second bonus report, "How I Avoided the Big Tech Crash," worth $99. In this report, Phil lays out in detail the methodology that allowed his clients to completely escape the disastrous Nasdaq crash from 5,000.

Erlanger Squeeze Play 30-Day Free Trial

There are just two perfectly reasonable catches to this special 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION!

This 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION is worth $227, but is yours free -- ZERO COST! No smoke, no mirrors -- just TWO very reasonable catches:

First, this is a very limited offer. One 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION per person, family, or address, etc. This offer is worth $227. Trust me -- you'll only need 30 days to enjoy Erlanger Squeeze Play and see for yourself why so many of Wall Street’s "experts" follow Phil Erlanger to generate huge

Second, you must either sign up by clicking here or call Yolanda at 1-888-570-2090 or 1-561-750-7719 to sign up for this free offer, and you must provide us with a valid credit card and expiration date. After 30 days Erlanger’s staff will automatically start billing your credit card $29.95 a month for your subscription to Erlanger Squeeze Play until you tell them to stop.

The first 30 days are a gift to you -- a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION. Thereafter, you pay the normal monthly price. This monthly billing agreement guarantees that Phil Erlanger will show you healthy profits each month, or you can pull the plug on him at any time. If he doesn't do the job, he gets dumped. On the other hand, if he shows you the kinds of profits he's been delivering for Wall Street's insiders, you'll stay aboard.

That's what they call "singing for your supper"!

Finally, this offer is only valid for a limited time. We begged Phil to extend this offer for a longer period, but he is just starting to make his publication available to private investors, and he wants to start off slowly. Up until now, his subscribers have been a small number of Wall Street's insiders. You're going to be among a precious, small group of private investors to receive his newsletter and his buy/sell recommendations.

Understand that during the next 30 days you will receive Erlanger Squeeze Play absolutely FREE. No smoke, no mirrors. You will also receive two bonuses: Phil's special report, "How to Read the Crowd and Squeeze a Fortune Out of Wall Street," worth $99, and Phil's second bonus report, "How I Avoided the Big Tech Crash," worth $99, in which Phil lays out in detail the methodology that allowed his clients to completely escape the disastrous Nasdaq crash from 5,000.

Only after your 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION is completed, your credit card will be charged $29.95 a month for your subscription to Erlanger Squeeze Play. Your subscription may be cancelled at any time, at which time this billing will be stopped.

Call Yolanda at 1-888-570-2090 or 1-561-750-7719 to accept this 30-DAY FREE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION -- the gift of Erlanger Squeeze Play. You get his recommendations FREE for 30 days, and he gets a chance to show you how incredibly profitable Erlanger Squeeze Play is. What could be fairer?

By the way, you can also sign up directly on line by clicking here:


Michael London
Erlanger Squeeze Play


"Our unique approach is based upon decades of quantitative research"
- Phil Erlanger

After a tenure as the Chief Technical Analyst at Advest, Philip B. Erlanger became the Senior Technical Analyst at Fidelity Research and Management in the early 1990s, working alongside star portfolio managers Peter Lynch and Jeff Vinik.

At Fidelity, Phil's proprietary price models and sentiment analysis called some of the biggest wins for Fidelity in this era, including billions of dollars of transactions on junk bonds, currencies, and equities.

Since 1994, Phil Erlanger Research, Inc. has provided unique technical analysis and quantitative research for many of the world's top financial institutions. His proprietary data and analysis are currently in use at institutions that collectively manage over $1 trillion in assets.

Widely regarded as one of the foremost technical analysts in the world, Mr. Erlanger was presented with the Market Technicians Association's coveted Best-of-the-Best Award for Computer Assisted Analysis in 1997. Phil is currently serving his second term as President of the MTA.

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