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Issue Number 3 - June 10, 2002

Featured System:
Samurai Stock Trader

Trading System of the Week

Dear Trading System of the Week Subscriber,

This week I want to bring your attention to the remarkable trading results
that are being realized by short-term trading expert Jay DeVincentis and
his remarkable system that -- since he started trading -- has produced
an astounding 613% return.

Today, Jay's subscribers grabbed another 20% profit -- in just two
weeks. That works out to 517% annualized. This is in a downright ugly

Jay closed out seven trades in the month of April...and six of those
seven have been winners. (Three of those winners were double-digit
winners.) Now Jay is well on the way to his TWELFTH winning month out of
the past 13. (And the two "losing" months saw losses of just -3% and
-5%, while the "winners" included 38%, 36%, 35% and five others in
double digits!)

Take a few minutes and read about how he's been able to produce
an amazing 613% return, and how you can examine his amazing newsletter
for 30 days free.

Yours sincerely,

Thierry Martin
Fiasco Trade of the Day

Trading expert Jay DeVincentis is racking up an incredible 517% per year
rate of return...

Imagine sitting in with this amazing stock trader for 30 days FREE to
see how he does it...

Dear Trading System of the Week Subscriber,

I'm so excited I can hardly sit still.

My name is Jody Madron, and I've been in the publishing business for
more than a decade. Believe me, I've seen plenty of newsletters and
"alert services" come and go during that time period. Some of them were
good...some not so good. But in all those years I have never seen a
service that digs deeper -- or produces greater profit potential – than
the one I'm speaking of right now...

I'm talking about short-term trading expert Jay DeVincentis. His system
has been producing a mind-boggling 517% annualized rate of return.

It's so good that I've decided to give you an opportunity to see for
yourself. I'm so sure you're going to be amazed by his results that I'm
going to offer you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to Jay's service. You can
actually follow his trades and profit from his recommendations for 30
days -- without putting up a penny.

Now, consider for a moment just how remarkably powerful a 517%
annualized gain -- like the one Jay DeVincentis has achieved -- can be.
Quite simply, it's powerful enough for you to:

* Turn a $10,000 investment into almost $36,000 in just six months...

* Turn $20,000 into more than $123,000 in just 12 months...

* Or turn $30,000 into more than $1.1 million in just two years!

I'll tell you more about how you can trade along with Jay -- absolutely
FREE -- in just a moment. But first let me tell you about a few of his
"greatest hits":

* Last June, DeVincentis had a powerful streak of winners, including
four consecutive trades -- all in the same company. If you had invested
just $10,000 at the start of this "streak" and rolled over your profits,
you would have closed out with over $17,200 -- a gain of more than 72%
in just under a month!

* Just last fall, Jay hit with back-to-back winners in short-term
positions: a 19% gain in JUST FOUR DAYS in one trade followed up by a
12% gain in ONLY THREE DAYS with another!

* Another "short-term winning streak" which saw gains of 15%, 10% and
10% in three trades...all in a span of less than three weeks. Again, if
you had invested just $10,000 at the start of this winning streak and
rolled over your winnings with each play, you would have closed out with
nearly $14,000 in less than three weeks!

* Jay "rang in the new year" with profits of 7%, 15% and 11% on trades
closed out in the first two weeks of 2002. (The 15% winner, in fact, was
produced in just one day!)

These gains are not potluck, and are not flukes. They are the product of
countless hours of hard work. Jay has drawn on over ten years of
experience in trading and charting to come up with a remarkably accurate
-- yet easy-to-use -- system that produces amazing profits.

And now, for the very first time, Jay will be making that system
available via his own service: Samurai Stock Trader.

Jay has developed a unique system that incorporates the Volatility Index
(the VIX), the Tick Index and the Arms Index when determining the
direction of the market.

Layer in some put/call ratio analysis, Japanese candlestick charting,
price and volume analysis and advanced Fibonacci Method, and you've got
the core of DeVincentis's method of identifying specific profit

A system that is amazingly accurate...yet remarkably easy to use!

Let me tell you how it works...

Over the years, Jay has examined every system for technical analysis
that he could find. In the end, the system he developed includes only
those techniques that were proven to work. All of the other techniques
-- and there were literally hundreds -- were discarded.

In practice, Jay's first analytical step is to determine market
sentiment (translation: Are we headed up or down?). To do this, he
incorporates the Volatility Index, the put/call ratio, the Tick Index
and the Arms Index.

Then he applies another layer of analysis to determine trends for
individual investments. At this level he uses techniques such as
Japanese candlestick charting, price and volume analysis and advanced
Fibonacci Method.

When he's done, the stocks that he's identified are absolutely the
strongest candidates for rapid price movement. That's how he's been able
to accumulate such powerful annualized returns.

Now this may sound complicated for the average investor, but you have to
realize that Jay absolutely LIVES this stuff. He slaves over
spreadsheets, charts and countless reports with one goal in mind: to
find those trades that will make the fastest money for his subscribers.

Once Jay has done all the work, then the rest is easy. Each alert is
written in plain English -- there is no need for you to become an expert
in "technical analysis." In fact, each alert is so simple you can
literally read it to your broker over the phone!

In other words, he's done everything for you.

Each and every week, Jay personally views several hundred charts for
trading opportunities before selecting the trade that is best positioned
to explode. Sometimes Jay will stick with the same stock for several
trades when he is "on a run"...while other times he will jump from one
stock to another.

It is this methodology that has allowed Jay to put together "winning
streaks" like this: five profitable trades in a row in the same
stock!...just one losing trade in four months...and six out of eight
profitable months...(with the "losing" months seeing losses of just -2%
and -5%.)

Finding greater profits away from the investing herd...

Now, this service is a little unusual. Jay's analysis turns up
investments that aren't even on the radar screen of many investment
advisors...let alone brokers or investment houses.

In fact, I can virtually guarantee that you won't hear about these from
CNBC, Money magazine or some other over-hyped mainstream source. That's
because those folks are not willing to put in the countless hours of
technical analysis and research that Jay is willing to invest. Their
interest lies in the hot "story"...they get paid to entertain, not to
make you money. They have no direct responsibility to you at all.

Can you imagine some "expert" from CNBC telling you to buy Widget
Research on Monday...then telling you to sell two days later to take a
12% profit...then telling you short Widget Research the next week, and
then telling you to take 18% profits five days later?

Now imagine that three days later he tells you to buy again...and to
close out for a 17% profit nine days later.

Right. That'll be the day.

But that's exactly what you get with Jay's service. Not "news," but real
financial advice -- the kind that's designed to MAKE YOU MONEY.

Plus, it's no secret that the real money is made in those companies that
you most likely haven't heard of yet. In fact, your regular broker has
probably never heard of them. But these are the REAL opportunities...the
undiscovered gems that will deliver serious profits to those investors
willing to seek them out.

YOU can find out about these companies...before it's too late!

I'd like to give you an opportunity to try a new service that will
finally put you AHEAD of the curve. Instead of reading about someone
else's "once-in-a-lifetime" investment, you'll be the one telling the
story. Stories just like this one...

The six-week "winning streak" that produced a 72% gain!

Just this past June, during his routine analysis of the market, Jay
uncovered a unique opportunity in shares of an electronics company,
Flextronics, Inc. (FLEX.) Here's a quick rundown of Jay's incredible
"winning streak" with FLEX:

* Jay's analysis showed that FLEX's share price was due for a spike,
so on May 30 he issued a buy recommendation. Two days later, Jay closed
out the position for a quick 12.5% profit.

* The following week -- on June 7 -- Jay saw that FLEX's technicals
were indicating a quick dip in price. So he recommended a short position
that allowed subscribers to pocket a gain of 18.26% when the position
closed out five days later.

* Not long after closing out that short position -- just three days
later, in fact -- Jay recommended buying shares of FLEX once again. And
once again he was right on the money. Subscribers who followed Jay's
advice realized a 17% gain when they closed out nine days later. And,
finally, on June 28 -- just four days after closing out his third trade
in three weeks with FLEX -- Jay issued one last short recommendation.
This one also proved to be a winner, as he led his readers to a 10.94%
gain in just under two weeks.

* Now, this type of "back-and-forth" trading of just one stock is not
typical of Jay's methodology. But in this case -- as has happened often
-- Jay's analysis and his expert interpretation of the charts led
subscribers on an incredible winning streak.

In fact, if you had invested just $10,000 at the start of this "streak"
and rolled over your profits, you would have closed out with more than
$17,200 -- a gain of over 72% in just over a month! All by trading one

Incidentally, Jay went "back to the well" with Flextronics just two
months later and produced a two-day gain of 15%. And once you become an
active subscriber, you'll be following trades just like this. You'll be
able to see exactly how this "winning streak" unfolded and track all the
current trades simply by clicking on the "Trade Tracker" section of
Jay's Web site.

How you can begin trading with Jay...for FREE!

As I mentioned earlier, Jay DeVincentis's Samurai Stock Trader is
brand-new. And right now -- for a limited time -- I'm offering a unique
30-day FREE TRIAL to introduce investors to his service.

Now, Jay's Samurai Stock Trader regularly sells for $295 a year, or
$29.95 per month for our convenient monthly billing. But through this
special offer, I'm going to offer a discounted price of just $19.95 per

Samurai Stock Trader - free 30-day trial

It's a win-win proposition. You win, of course, by receiving 30 days of
invaluable investment advice for FREE. I win because I know you're not
only going to stay on, but you'll also recommend the service to your
friends, relatives and business associates!

Here's what you'll get...

First, you'll get your 30-day FREE TRIAL subscription to Jay
DeVincentis's Samurai Stock Trader. In addition, you'll also receive:

* A 24-hour trade tracker page on our Web site that not only tracks
all of our recommended trades, but also provides entry, exit and stop
price levels. This feature on our Web site makes life much easier.
You'll always know what we think of a current trade, if it's going to
hit our target or if we should hang on for more gains. No unnecessary
guessing between issues.

* Special reports, written monthly and available on our Web site,
which provide in-depth analysis of the most important topics for Jay's
Samurai traders. These include Market Reports that analyze the major
indices...Sector Reports, which analyze those sectors most important to
us...and Index Reports, which provide an in-depth analysis of the
month's most important index.

* "Secrets of the Samurai Stock Trader" -- This FREE report --
prepared exclusively by Jay DeVincentis -- outlines the ten most
important "secrets" to becoming a successful Samurai Trader. Over his
years of trading, Jay has learned many important lessons, many of which
are never even CONSIDERED by most investors. Now, in this FREE report,
you will learn these valuable "secrets" to becoming a more consistent,
disciplined, and SUCCESSFUL investor.

* "Japanese Candlestick Charts: The Secret Weapon of the Samurai Stock
Trader" -- This easy-to-follow FREE report, also written by Jay
DeVincentis, uses simple examples to show you how to read Japanese
candlestick charts and explains the key points that Jay looks for in
each. In addition, you will learn:

* How to use a Japanese candlestick chart as a "trigger" to a
successful trade...

* How Japanese candlestick charts increase the odds of making a
winning trade...every single time!

* Precisely how Japanese candlestick charts work, including
easy-to-read charts along with a clear, "plain English" explanation of
all terms used...

* Key rules you MUST follow before making any trade based on Japanese
candlestick charts!

You will have immediate Web access to these special reports once you
have subscribed.

* Weekly Market Update Issues: Each Monday you'll receive analysis of
the current state of the market and recommended trades for the week.

* Trade Alerts: Issued when market conditions warrant. Most of Jay's
recommendations can be activated when the markets are not open. However,
there are certain periods when intraday recommendations become necessary
for extraordinary profits.

* Online access to past Market Updates, Trade Alerts, previous trades,
and much, much more...

Samurai Stock Trader is a weekly publication delivered by e-mail every
Monday. Then, throughout the week you'll have unlimited, 24-hour access
to all of the valuable resources I just mentioned on our Web site.

To get started with your 30-day FREE TRIAL, you'll need to supply a
valid credit card number, but you'll be billed absolutely nothing for 30

Call Carlene at 1-800-871-0718 or 1-561-750-4184. Or subscribe online by
simply clicking on the link at the bottom of this message. As soon as
you sign up for Samurai Stock Trader, we'll supply your username and
password to our Web site at .

Samurai Stock Trader - free 30-day trial

Please take advantage of this special offer. I think you'll find Jay's
Samurai Stock Trader to be simply amazing, and you'll be with us for a
long time!

Remember, the first 30 days are FREE, so you have absolutely nothing to
lose. Trade along with Jay absolutely FREE, and see if he doesn't start
bringing you fast, fat profits immediately. If you decide to stay on,
we'll start billing you for the special introductory rate of $19.95 a
month beginning with your second month.

To subscribe online, please click on the link below:

Samurai Stock Trader - free 30-day trial

BE SURE that if you are signing up online that you do so ONLY from this
link, and not from the regular subscribe page on the Web site. This is
the ONLY way to get 30 days free. If you want to take a look at our Web
site, we welcome you to do so, but then come back to this link in order
to receive 30 days free.


Jody Madron
Samurai Stock Trader

Tax Deduction Reminder: Your subscription may be tax deductible as an
investment expense under IRS Sections 67 and 212 to the extent that
miscellaneous itemized deductions exceed 2% of your adjusted gross
income. It is also fully tax deductible as a business expense by most
corporations under Section 162 of the IRS Code.

To unsubscribe, write to
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