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Issue Number 1 - June 3, 2002

Featured System:
Financial Picks / SpiderTrade Alert

Trading System of the Week

Hello Trading System of the Week Subscriber,

Introducing a very unique stock trading advisory
called"SpiderTrade Alert" that offers real-time trade alerts.

Financial Picks - 30-day free trial

What makes them unique? The fact that they can actually make you money.
That's pretty rare these days.

I've been following their short-term trades for the past month, and
they've been getting excellent results. It's really hard to impress me
these days. However, this site is a refreshing change. In fact, they've
made me rethink some of my own trading philosophies.

I believe actions speak louder than words, so you should just try out
their free 30-day and see what I mean. Here are some details:

- Buy and sell alerts sent via email or text pager. The alerts are very
simple to follow. When they say buy, you buy. When they say sell, you

- Trades last 1-5 days, and the minimum gain they look for is 10%. This
is not trading in and out of stocks for a half point.

- They don't mess around with losing positions. If it's a loser, it's
cut fast. Preserving your capital will let you trade another day. I love
their discipline.

- They've posted profits in both bull and bear markets since 1998. Their
track record is second to none as far as I'm concerned.

I'm telling only the readers of this newsletter about the SpiderTrade
Alert service. They have a 1000 member limit, so you should take
advantage of their free 30-day trial while you can.

Click on the link below for more info:

Financial Picks - 30-day free trial

This is a financial site that's worth a look. If you listened to these
guys in 2000, you would have cashed out near the top, and then made
money as the market fell. Their "Smart Money" indicator gives them great
insight to what the pros are going to do next - fantastic stuff.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Discover How You Can Make 200%+ Gains In the Stock Market - Today -
Using Easy To Follow Trading Methods

Financial Picks - 30-day free trial

Hi Trading System of the Week Subscriber,

Increase your profits by 200% or more. Discover an extremely profitable
trading method that turned $5,000 into $16,000 in less than 3 months.

How to avoid the 8 most common mistakes in trading. Traders old and new
always seem to make the same mistakes over and over. Those mistakes can
turn into huge losses...a smart trader learns how to turn those mistakes
into profits.

Spend more time counting profits and less time trading. Find out how you
can make mouthwatering profits without twiddling your thumbs in front of
a computer all day.

Discover a well kept secret that no one on Wall Street wants you to
know. Learn about an exciting method that tracks what the "smart money"
professionals are doing. This is the inside edge you need to become a
successful trader.

* Percentage gains are based on a simple sum of hypothetical trades.

Profit While Everyone Else Loses Their Shirt

Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of investors who lost money in
2000? If so, do you think that everyone lost money?...No Way!

Wouldn't it have been nice to actually make a profit while everyone else
was losing their shirt?...

Of course! Read on to find out how...

There are a few elite traders out there that can consistently make money
- it doesn't matter if the market is going up OR down. They know ahead
of time which prices to get in - and out - of stocks. They know exactly
how the market works...

Because the Stock Market is Really One Big Game!

That's right...the stock market is like a game of chess...only the
majority of people don't know the rules. If you don't know the rules,
you can't win the game - Period.

The Number One Mistake In Trading

Sure, everyone seems to claim they know how to make you money, but most
of the so called "gurus" and analysts lost all credibility when stocks
started going down. 

Not only did they not know when to sell, but they kept telling us to buy
the same junk stocks all the way down.

Bad idea!

Here's why analysts and the rest lost investors so much money: They
didn't know what the most important factor in trading is. What is the
most important factor? Glad you asked  ;-)


* When the price of a stock moves in one direction or another, you
either make money or lose money! I don't care if the company is the
greatest thing since sliced bread. If I'm losing money, I'm losing

* Price tells you the "story" of a stock. Is it loved or hated?

* Price is more important than a company's balance sheet because the
stock market tries to anticipate the future - not the past. 

While most people tried to buy the dips, the men and women who know the
rules of the "game" were actually selling stocks short. By selling
short, they were able to make stunning profits while the market fell off
a cliff. 

When the selling pressure was temporarily exhausted, they then knew
when...and which stocks to buy that would rise the fastest...

Now that's how trading should be.

So how can you make money trading stocks if only a small number of
people know how to do it right? What is their secret?

Do you have to spend thousands of dollars going to trading seminars
where you might find out how to trade effectively? 

Do you have to spend every hour of every day in front of a computer
watching the market? 

I'll answer that in one simple word...


You are probably a very busy person. Many traders have another job, so
they can't sit there and watch the market all day.

Trading stocks can make you staggering profits, but you have to be
willing to sacrifice literally thousands of hours of your time,

...You follow trades from someone who knows what they're doing; Someone
who knows the "rules" of the game.

Look No Further

Since 1998, I've been informing everyday people about which stocks to
buy and sell, using Instant Trade Alerts. Members have been able to
receive these absolutely crucial signals within seconds and then execute
them for real profits.

Financial Picks - 30-day free trial

Don't wait any longer Click here for your free 30-day trial

Trade Well,

Dan Murphy   Subscribe to our FREE
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Financial Picks - 30-day free trial

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