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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #28 - February 25, 2003

Investor 3000 - Simple software that runs in the background, picking stocks that are going up.

Fellow Trader and Investor,

Investor 3000 is a simple program that automatically picks stocks for you every morning, and all day long, that are going up.

You can set the program to update automatically at intervals ranging from every five minutes to every hour throughout the trading day.

Get a fresh list of stocks that are looking strong as often as you like with one click.

Investor 3000 continually monitors the NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX markets in the background while you go about your business.

It will automatically update itself all day while you are online.

Learn more by clicking here now.

Happy trading,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

"The software will often select a stock you may not have even considered... only to leave you up several points by the end of the day."

Doug Newberry,  Director
Investing Systems Network
Investor 3000 click here

Investor 3000
A New List of Winning Stocks
Every Trading Day
With Just a Single Click

Dear Trader and Investor,

Now more than ever, investors need information they can rely on. Many investors are choosing software over analyst opinions and other so called experts.

Software has the ability to be completely free of emotional influence and relies solely on data.

Investor 3000 Stock Selection Software monitors every stock on the US market automatically while you are online and displays a list of stocks that meet the specific criteria. These are ideal candidates for a short term trade.

Even better, it is designed to select only the best stocks, based on earnings, volume, and momentum.

The Best part is... The program only displays stocks that are up right now. This Feature alone makes the Investor 3000 a must-have tool for short term position traders. 

Please take a look at our site. There are more details on the software and strategy pages, and we encourage you to read all you need to. Once you have decided to buy the Investor 3000, we are confident that you will find it is one of the best investments you ever made. 

Click Here To Learn More about This Stock Scanning Software

PS.  Do Not Miss all the USER TESTIMONIALS at the website. 

This software comes with an unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee. So what have you got to lose?

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A Fresh List of Today's Movers,
Every Trading day, With A Single Click!

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