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Past Issues - #23 - November 11, 2002

The Fractal's Edge - Cutting edge software and advanced trading strategies, using Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry.

Try the free demo to see how you like this trading system.

Hello Traders and Investors,

I am a strong believer in trying before buying, especially when it comes to a trading system. There are as many different styles of trading systems out there as there are different types of trading personalities. I always try to spotlight systems that offer free trials or materials.

You should really check this out: a system that uses the latest discoveries in Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry. You have every right to be skeptical, and that is as it ought to be. Bit don't dismiss this as another wacky trading system. Download the free software and course, and see if it makes sense for you.

Your free membership account entitles you to access:

* The online version of The Fractal's Edge (TFE) Trading System.
* The TFE Stand-alone Demo.
* A weekly trading tips newsletter that allows you to follow the current positions and results in several markets.
* A community of fellow traders who are exploring TFE, moderated by skilled volunteer customers and users of TFE.

I hope you try this because I think there is a gold mine of information here, much of it for free.

Best wishes,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

The Trading Tool Delivering Consistent, Profitable Results

Are you searching for a way to MAXIMIZE your profit potential in the stock or commodities markets, or as a home-based opportunity? Regardless of today's economic uncertainty, The Fractal's Edge Trading System may be your immediate solution.

The Fractal's Edge is the next-generation method and tool for delivering consistently profitable trade results. The system is based on the latest scientific findings in Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry applied to the stock and commodities markets.

Quit Worrying! The last thing you need is a Ph.D. in math, physics or finance to make a lot of money using this system. Everything you need to know is explained in easy-to-understand terms in our FREE online study course!

The Advantages:

* Recession-Proof - The usual adverse economic factors such as down-turns in the stock market, increased unemployment rates, and corporate lay-offs, never influence your ability to make money.
* Built-in safe-guard mechanism that significantly minimizes the risk normally associated with trading.
* It's easy to use and, once set up, it only takes 5-15 minutes a day to implement.
* Delivers consistently profitable trade results - Click Here to see how much the system can generate in a year's time with a minimum investment

Learn More:

To better understand how the Fractal's Edge Trading System will assist you in becoming financially independent, we strongly recommend taking the following steps:

1. Click here to acquaint yourself with the basics of The Fractal's Edge (TFE) Trading System.
2. Access the FREE Fractal's Edge online study course.
3. Study the material and practice with the trading simulation exercises at the end of the course.
4. Examine our free weekly TFE Trading Tips newsletter that will allow you to view real-time trading positions and results in markets we are currently following.
5. Join one of our free TFE exploration community groups, moderated by skilled volunteer customers and users of TFE. Email us to request inclusion.
6. When you're ready to start making real money with the system, purchase your preferred version of the Fractal's Edge Trading System.

Click Here: The Fractal's Edge

The Science Behind The System

The Fractal's EdgeTM Trading System is based on the latest scientific findings in Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry, as these are applied to interpret the stock and commodities markets.

OK. So, what does that mean in plain English?

It means you can thrive financially, even in chaotic, uncertain, or adverse economic times.

The science behind the Fractal's Edge Trading System can be summarized as:

1. Markets seem more chaotic than they actually are.
2. The markets have an underlying order that can be seen in repeated patterns of price movement called "fractals."
3. Within these fractal patterns are signals (if you know what to look for and how to read them) that tell you the best time to enter a specific market, when to buy, when to sell, when to add contracts, and when to get out of the market.
4. The Free Home Study Course will show you how to read the signals so that you can reap big profits from the movement of the market, regardless of whether that movement is up or down.

Note: No prior futures trading experience is necessary. This system works equally well for veteran and novice traders alike.

Click Here to see exactly how the system works and how you can use the system to make money.

The Fractal's Edge Trading System

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes The Fractal's EdgeTM different from other systems?
The focus and direction of the research that went into its development is different. Our findings tell us that the market is a complex, turbulent, non-linear system. So while other trading system developers tend to use traditional linear mathematics to account for and predict market behavior, we at Quantum Futures have focused on an approach based on the non-linear mathematics of Chaos Theory and astrophysics.

2. Can I use the Fractal's Edge in the stock market, or is it just for commodities?
The system works equally well in both markets.

3. What is the main advantage of the system?
The Fractal's Edge is comprised of five components that, when used together, reveal the underlying structure of the market. Take a rapidly running river, for example. The underlying structure of the riverbed, with its rocks, boulders, trenches, shallows, and sandbars is what produces the rapids, the white water, and the eddies we see on the surface. If we could see the structure of the riverbed, we could come up with a pretty good idea of what the surface conditions at any given spot along the river would be.

The markets are very similar to rivers, and like rivers, they also have an underlying structure. If we could see that structure, we could more accurately make sense of the chart on our computer screens. And that is the exact purpose for which The Fractal's Edge was created. It allows us to "see" the underlying structure of the markets and hence make better trading decisions.

4. Can we use The Fractal's Edge to predict market behavior?
No, the system was not designed to "predict" anything. Through its graphical representations, the Fractal's Edge describes the current market situation in detail. It deals only with the here and now and does not care about frosts in Florida, pending legislation, interest rates, natural disasters, or the opinions of experts.

5. When you were testing the system, did you curve-fit the data?
No. The system was not built solely on historical data, so its formulas are not optimized or curved to fit past data. "Curving" involves tailoring a formula to fit a specific set of historical data. This means that every commodity would need a different formula for the system to work.

The "curving" approach also assumes that future performance will be similar to past results, and this simply does not happen in the chaotic world of real-time trading. The Fractal's Edge uses the same principles, the same formulas, and the same parameters for all stocks and commodities.

6. Is The Fractal's Edge a manual system or a program?
The Fractal's Edge is a fully automated software program capable of importing data from a wide range of data providers. There is no need for manual entry of data.

7. What kind of data do I need?
The type of data you need depends on which version of The Fratal's Edge Software you choose to use. You only need date, open, high, low, close and volume figures. Refer to our product pages for specific data vendor recommendations for each Fractal's Edge software versions. In some cases, it is possible to get your data for free. Feel free to contact us with your data inquiry.

8. How closely do I have to watch the market?
We recommend that you begin by trading the "daily" charts. Doing it that way, you need only check the market at the close of each day and then plan for the next day. Again, if you are trading only one or two commodities or stocks, ten minutes is all you'll need.

9. Is The Fractal's Edge easy to learn?
Yes. Via our free online course, we take you through the system step-by-step. You will even have a chance to simulate trading and get feedback on your performance. This experience alone will convince you of the system's value and leave you feeling confident that you can use it well.

10. How risky is trading?
There is an element of risk in almost every aspect of our lives. When we leave the safety of our homes in the morning and drive to work, we are literally putting our lives at risk. Just as our cars have seat belts, airbags, brakes and a gas pedal to help us get to where we want to go without serious injury or death, the components of the Fractal's Edge combine to minimize the financial risk.

Download the demo, experiment with free course and give it a try. What do you possibly have to lose?

Click Here: The Fractal's Edge

11. How accurate is the system?
Our experience with the Fractal's Edge has been that 74% to 82% of our trades are profitable, and that 18% to 26% of the time our trades sustain minimal losses.

"The Fractal's Edge (TFE) has become the anchor of my trading system. It's principles are simple and easy to understand. It promotes trade selectivity, let's your profits run, and cuts losses short. Easy to use, affordable, and it works! What else is there?"

Steve Mitchell - QF Client

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The Fractal's Edge

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The Fractal's Edge