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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #30 - December 30, 2002

FindProfit - Raging Bull founder Bill Martin and partner Matt Ragas combine their expertise in this great new stock trading advisory service.

Dear Trader and Investor,

FindProfit posted a 73% Audited Return in the year ending July 2002.

Since August, while the markets flatlined, they saw 20 of their 28 new positions added during this period actually increase by double digits (8 were up at least 50%)!

For example, VTSS climbed 217%, CNET rose 236%, INSP jumped 103%, CVC increased 91%, SYNA rose 80%, EELN increased 63%, AMTD increased 51%, ABTL increased 45%, and XLY (a short) was closed out for a 16% gain. Plus, all three of the model portfolios (which include all of the picks!) solidly outperformed the major indexes by double digits.

How do they do it?

Not by day-trading, investing in mutual funds or by following Wall Street analysts.

They identify profitable new investment opportunities by doing our own rigorous homework, leveraging their extensive contacts to get an unfair edge, and by betting against the crowd.

Their results speak for themselves.

Let them share their proven investment style and stock ideas with you. Sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial to FindProfit.

Join today and receive their hot, new, just released Bonus Report -"Five Must-Own Bargain Stocks for 2003!" (a $199 Value) as well as their Special Reports on Banking, Energy and Telecom - all absolutely free.


Happy trading,

Thierry Martin
Trading System of the Week

Do you love profitable investing? We do and we know you do too.

That's why we're inviting you to join FindProfit, a real-time investment advisory service for long and short-term investors who love the stock market.

FindProfit's "as it happens" commentary and model portfolios are lively, fun, informative and profitable!

FindProfit's mission is to discover aggressive investment ideas and catalysts. Our research-intensive, emotionally-neutral and contrarian investment style enables us to identify unique opportunities with big profit potential.

As a 100% independent investment service, our only bias is towards making you money.


Subscriber Benefits:

Real-Time Investment Commentary: Members receive exclusive access to our "as it happens" investment commentary which is published throughout each trading day. Find new ideas, find new insights and make money in real-time!

FindProfit Model Portfolios: Members receive unlimited access to our three model portfolios - The Babe Ruth, the Tiger Woods and Special Opportunity - each with a unique investment style. Track our cumulative returns. See what we've been buying and selling. Beat the market with us!

FindProfit Daily Digest: Each trading day, FindProfit members receive a valuable compilation of our lively investment commentary. Get all of our exclusive market-related thoughts in one quick, easy to read email.

FindProfit Trading Alerts: In addition to our real-time commentary, members receive email alerts whenever there's new activity in our portfolios. Keep abreast of our latest moves.

FindProfit Guest Contributors & Expert Interviews: We regularly invite trusted friends and acclaimed experts to share their views on the market and their favorite investments. Get exclusive advice from the best and brightest. For example, see our recent Bank Stock Outlook.


FindProfit's Edge:

Proven Track Record: While most money managers and newsletter writers lost money over the past year, we delivered a sizzling (and fully audited) 73% cumulative gain for the twelve months ended July 2002.

Deep Industry Experience: The editors of FindProfit have successfully founded, run and sold multiple tech and media companies including leading investment powerhouse RagingBull. Profit from their experience.

Powerful Investor Network: FindProfit's rolodex is chock full of successful analysts, executives and money managers- people at the heart of the Wall Street information flow. Insiders with the edge!


Meet the Editors:

Bill Martin founded Raging Bull, a financial community that helped pioneer the online investor revolution. He is editor of eFinance Insider and a director of BankRate.com, a publicly-traded online banking marketplace. Bill has appeared on CNBC, Oprah, Fox News and 48 Hours and has been featured in New York magazine and The Wall Street Journal. He has been a guest speaker at MIT and Harvard.

Matt Ragas is the author of two critically-acclaimed business books, The Power of Cult Branding and Lessons from the eFront, both published by Random House. Previously, he was the founding editor of Raging Bull where he penned the widely-read Cyberstock Investor Report. He has been quoted or mentioned in publications such as Business Week, CBS MarketWatch, Publishers Weekly, Retailing Today and Red Herring.

Try the free 30-day trial today and get: 5 Under $5 Stocks You Must Own Now!" (a $99 Value) -- Absolutely FREE! Make Money in ANY Market!


The FindProfit Story

In 1997, Bill Martin and two partners founded Raging Bull with the goal of becoming the leading online financial community for individual investors. Needless to say, this trio succeeded spectacularly at their mission. In January 2000, Raging Bull attracted over 3 million unique visitors. Through Raging Bull's message boards, hundreds of thousands of individual investors were able for the first time to unite and share their collective opinions on stocks in near real-time.

While leading Raging Bull, Bill also managed the Raging Portfolio, a model portfolio that racked up amazing cumulative gains of over 400% from 1998 to 2000. Matt Ragas was Raging Bull's founding editor and also authored its popular Cyberstock Investor Report. The influential report grew to over 300,000 subscribers, while achieving a number of firsts, including being the first publication to predict the eventual merger of AOL and Time Warner.

Since Raging Bull, Matt and Bill have both served as private investors or advisors to a number of leading technology and media companies. Five years later, their passion for the stock market and empowering individual investors is as strong as ever. At the same time, the stock market has become more volatile than ever before and investors are in serious need for honest independent investment leadership and advice.

The next stage of the individual investor revolution is ready to begin.

Matt and Bill founded FindProfit in early 2002 with the mission of becoming the leading independent investment advisory service for long and short-term investors who love investing and want to consistently beat the market. See our official launch press release.

We invite you to sign up for your free 30-day risk-free trial to FindProfit, and gain instant access to our money-making insights and stock ideas, by clicking here now.