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Trading System of the Week Newsletter
Issue #57 - January 30, 2004

The Billionaires' Secret - The Skousen Hedge Fund Trader

The World's #1 Investment Vehicle Makes Money Whether the Market Goes Up or Down... (Yet 98% of Investors Don't Have a Clue)
Dear Investor,

Subscribers to my new trading service have already earned a 144% profit in the first two weeks.

In fact, despite a volatile market, 7 of our first 8 closed positions have been profitable -- with an average gain of 48%.

How have we done this?

Some call it an unfair advantage. I call it "The Billionaires' Secret."

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It's fascinating. It's unconventional. But more importantly, it can lead to extraordinary short-term profits.

If you're the sort of person who frequently checks everything from trading tips to sites such as Love Money in order to find out how to make the most if your finances, then this is something which could turn your life around. It is certainly something which us sure to have a positive impact on almost anyone's financial situation.

Why haven't you heard about this before?

Quite simply because most of these opportunities are available only to the rich and the ultra-rich.

But now I've found a way to share with you (and a limited number of like-minded investors) the same ingenious investment strategies that, in effect, let you take advantage of the Billionaires' Secret.

That means you can look forward to:

* Big profits in both up and down markets

* Gains generated independent of what the broad market is doing

* Sudden volatility helping--instead of hurting--your portfolio

* Double- and triple-digit returns in a matter of weeks... and sometimes days.

In the process, you'll build a legacy of lasting wealth... safely and securely... just like the richest families in America. It's not for everyone, but if you are willing to pay close attention to your investments and if you have an investment philosophy that includes some risk, you can achieve exceptional rewards!

I've spelled out exactly how in my new special report: "The Billionaires' Secret."

It's free. Just click on the link below to learn how easily the rich and well-connected capture fabulous short-term profits to build long-term wealth... and, now, how you can too.

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Best regards,

Mark Skousen, Ph.D.
Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

P.S. I've spent nearly three decades in the investment advisory business. Yet I've never seen an opportunity better than this one. This special report may be the most profitable reading you do all year. Just click on the link below.